A Home Becoming a House

In 2008, Jon and I turned a small 2+2 condo from a house to a home.  We’ve been here over 4 years, and have loved every minute of it. Not all minutes were good. But each one built the foundation of where we are today.  So, what’s with the title of this post? We’re turning it back into a house. Our realtor said “As soon as you put your house on the market, your home becomes a house.”  Why? Because you strip out most of your personal items, you don’t live in it for you – you keep it as clean as possible all the time.  We’ve begun the process to get our condo looking like a normal condo. Not one that has 2 small businesses run from it, a music aficionado, and a toddler blessed with too many toys.

The laundry list of to do items isn’t awful, but it’s there.  First thing is to remove a lot of our big furniture we’ve come accustomed to in order to make all our stuff fit. This requires a storage rental, packing, and moving things out.  It’ll be good to live as minimalists for awhile. It’ll prep us for our next stage in the journey – renting another (cheaper) 2 bedroom condo to allow us to continue to save and save and hopefully be in a house by the end of this year, or early next year.  In that time we’ll also have a new baby, more stuff, and starting off with the bare bones will make our space seem less cramped.

I’ve never lived with less. I always had more. My closet is overflowing, storage bins clutter every shelving unit possible.  My kitchen table is always an extension of my purse – you know, it just collects papers like no other. It will be a huge test for me. Jon will be excited for this pressure to keep things neat.

We’re excited, sad, and hopeful that things will go and move quickly.  Surprisingly, the market in Santa Clarita is a great one for sellers right now.  There isn’t another single condo in our complex up for sale. Shocking because there is usually 2-3 and at one point there was 9 on the market. NINE.  Hoping for this advantage leads to a quick sale for asking price and as little stress or mess as possible.

I went around this weekend to gather photos of our amenities to send to our realtor when that time comes. It was a beautiful January morning, crisp, and didn’t know if another chance would result in a rainy set of photos. I love this one because it shows how much green space we have. We have a small golf course and this is one of the holes.

Home into a House

Wish us luck!


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