A Hard Day – Facebook post

On my Facebook page, I wrote up this on Monday:

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I received a LOT of comments.  It was the most viewed item I’ve ever posted on Facebook.  After I posted this, I cried more because, after I got her down for a nap, Luke woke up 10 minutes later.  I managed to get a shower in and I fed him and he would.not.sleep.  I was beside myself. Also – I was/am sick.  My throat was hurting and I was achy and I just wanted to sleep.  I called Jon crying on the phone and he couldn’t understand anything except I was upset.  Finally I calmed down and Luke fell asleep and 15 minutes after that Aubrey woke up.

The rest of the day we just hung out and watched cartoons and she ran all over the place, in her diaper.  Many of the comments were the kind I expected with support and not to push me or her.  And I was ok with putting the potty training on hold.  And then, just before dinner, Aubrey ran into the bathroom and said she had to go poop.  So, I followed her, put her on the potty, and after a few toots she said she was done and left. LOL.

So, yes, I do not want to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but I do want to encourage her to do some things.  She sleep-trained herself, having her get rid of the paci was no big deal, and yes, she does still have a bottle before bedtime but we could easily skip that (but we like the time).  She’s down to 50% of what she normally drinks at night.  Even today (well, it’s Tuesday, so yesterday) she is running around in her pull-ups telling me she has to go pee pee. I’m switching to the no big deal method of just obliging when she runs in there.  I don’t want her to forget the signs, but I don’t want to clean up any more pee off the floor. 🙂



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    I am glad you blogged about this or else I was gonna email you privately 🙂 I don’t like chiming in much on a big Facebook discussion like this because sometimes people end up having a debate on something someone (you!) are having troubles with.

    You know my thoughts on potty training and my #1 philosophy in parenting is to play off your child. Also? I only had 1 child when I potty trained Braden. Throw in a baby? TOUGH STUFF! Good on you for all that you did. You know what’s best for Aubrey. And if you ever wanna full-out 3 day (or whatever method you use) potty train her again? See if you can have hubs or grandma with you for 3 days so they can help with Luke if he’s not sleeping or whatever.

    Some kids do really really well jumping back and forth from diapers to pull-ups to underwear…I was just ‘selfish’ and need to be DONE with the diapers before Ethan came. That was what worked for me, but I cannot put myself in your shoes because you have a baby and are trying to PT! Props!

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