A Break

As a new mom, I’ve really begun to understand the importance of taking a break for yourself.  I’ve talked about the fun times with the Tea Parties we have, girlie days we share, oh, and have fun on trips to celebrate the bachelorettes! But what do you do when everyone’s married, and no more parties like that? You plan a girls weekend retreat! Four of us, Nicole, Katie, Jen, and I went up to Big Bear to Jen’s in-law’s family cabin.  It’s right off the lake and so cute! Nicole prepared some ideas for pairings and we each brought a bottle (or 2, or 3!) for us to drink. 

Some notes about a girls trip – make sure you plan ahead and realize when you’re drinking, you really won’t want to cook. Not for the fact that it’s work, but because that means you gotta take a break from the conversation and we ended up with snacking most of the time of the yummy grub.  Bring nacho cheese & chips. Great drunk food. Also, be well rested. Or you can be me, life of the party, and fall asleep for 2 hours around dinner time. Whoops.  It had been a bit chaotic around the homefront so sleep hadn’t been on my side for a bit.  Also, pack a tripod! And take random unplanned candid pics.  And, use same tripod to take planned, random pics with props! (apparently these prop pics are on Katie’s camera. so we’ll have to wait for those!

I had so much fun with you ladies! And while we might not know when we can sneak away for another weekend, I look forward to our mini-dates!!

 The house was right off the water.

 flatbread pizzas & pinot

 before they went in the oven

 Trying to get my damn remote clicker to work. why the ridiculous pose? I blame the a-a-a-a-alcohol

 little breezy, but we’ll take it!

 wine in the mountains


 Jen had our  glasses made for her bachelorette party. Came in handy! No wine charms for us!

 Prosecco and Cake Batter “muddy buddies”

 Fabulous 4some – Katie, Nicole, Jen, Me

 Trying out the timer. (Katie went to get her camera that was much better with her remote clicker)


Check out Nicole’s post about the food she had on the menu.


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