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The Launch of the 2017 PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters

cultivate what matters - new 2017 powersheets by lara casey - Sticker Book

  This post contains affiliate links. The 2018 PowerSheets launch on 10-25-17. I have waited SO LONG for this!!! In 2014 I purchased PowerSheets for the very first time.  I thought it was the perfect time to work on them - try to narrow my focus.  I had been following Lara Casey for so long - and Emily Ley too.  I started back when Emily was working two jobs and then they both were working on the Making It Happen tour. I always thought it was the perfect time to start that. But, I was wrong. God had other plans. A few months after purchasing the PowerSheets we bought our (now forever) … [Read more...]

Powersheets – 6 months of dedication


This post contains affiliate links So a long, long, long time ago, I purchased the Powersheets from Lara Casey and vlogged about it (view that here).  Well, I didn't get far with that.  Life happened and before I knew it, we were buying our home, moving in, and having a baby.  Now that baby is 7 months old and the dust has settled a bit.  I'm getting focused back on life, and I decided to purchase a new set of Powersheets to use starting in July.  Yes, as in, a few days.   They arrived and I've been working on the first section to get ready and set my … [Read more...]

Catching up on my Powersheets – vlog

Catching up on Powersheets

I finally grabbed a moment (and my new favorite red lipstick!) to make a vlog about what's been going on with my Powersheets. It's almost the end of June, and I'm feeling pretty well about my progress!  {Purchase your own Powersheets from Lara Casey here with this affiliate link} ** I've restarted my PowerSheets journey. Check out all the posts here!** … [Read more...]

The Must-Haves and Good-to-Haves for Direct Sales

The Happy Planner for Direct Sales

This post contains affiliate links I've been a small business owner for several years for several different types of business.  Each one relies more heavily on one set of supplies than the other.  My crystalling business was heavy on the Swarovski crystals, glue, and using 3rd party vendors to create each custom design.  My blogging business requires a computer, internet, and paid app subscriptions.  My Scentsy business relies on paper products and other small office equipment to keep the business going. I've created this list with some must haves and good-to-haves depending on what business … [Read more...]

Cultivate What Matters

cultivate what matters - family

Thank you Lara Casey & Cultivate What Matters team for providing me with an advanced copy of your new book, launching Tuesday June 27th.  Below you'll find the affiliate link to purchase through Amazon as paperback or Kindle As you know, I've been working on my PowerSheets all year long.  I've been working, month after month, to adjust goals, meet goals, discover new goals.  I've had to give myself some grace cuz as I'm half way through the year, I'm seeing how short I am on a few of them.  But that's ok.  In going through all these, I'm (very) slowly realizing it's not checking all that … [Read more...]

Self-Care Time

Being a mom to 3 littles, having a husband working full time and just about completing his MBA, working full time, running this blog and also operating 2 direct sales businesses (Lipsense & Scentsy) - I really have to carve out time for self-care.  Sometimes it's something I accomplish by myself, sometimes with friends, and sometimes family. These articles are ones I have shared that cover all aspects of Self-Care that I try to fit in my life as much as possible.  I really hope that you're able to identify your need for self-care and find what brings you joy and … [Read more...]