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One Month Update – Post Plagiocephaly Helmet Journey

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

You can read all the previous updates here: One Week Update: What is Plagiocephaly One Month Update: What Happens During Appointments Top 5 Things To Consider When Dressing Your Baby With A Plagiocephaly Helmet So, I realized (after someone messaged me on Facebook at the start of their Plagiocephaly journey) that I never did an official blog update once Ryan's treatment concluded.  I had shared on Facebook & Instagram, but now, here I am, one month later, providing an official update. When we went to Ryan's second to last appointment, they mentioned that he could be … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Dressing Your Baby With A Plagiocephaly Helmet

top 5 things to consider when dressing your baby with a plagiocephaly helmet - carters #lovecarters

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This post may contain affiliate links Be sure to read all of our posts about Ryan's Plagiocephaly treatment First Week Update with Plagiocephaly Docband Helmet One Month Update with Plagiocephaly Docband Helmet One Month after the Plagiocephaly Docband Helmet Treatment When Ryan was diagnosed with having Plagiocephaly (read about it here - short story is he was suffering from a flat head that was affecting other facial features),  I honestly had some initial thoughts that I think are … [Read more...]

Ryan’s Helmet – One Month Update with Plagiocephaly

one month update - Ryan's Helmet Plagiocephaly

Check out this little handsome guy!  One month update with Plagiocephaly We're one month in with Ryan's latest accessory - his helmet to correct Plagiocephaly.  (You can read about our experience with his Plagiocephaly diagnosis here).  When he had it put on, he was about 5 1/2 months old.  The technician said that most kids' skulls slow down growth at 6 months and we  could expect to visit them every 2 weeks for readjustment. With the first few visits (every Wednesday) I would notice how much tighter of a fit it was across his forehead.  The band across his forehead applied gentle … [Read more...]

One week update – Ryan’s Plagiocephaly

plagiocephaly - 1 week update

Right before Ryan's 4 month ped visit, I noticed that one side of his head was a bit flatter than the other side.  I shared my concern with his ped and she authorized a consultation to do some 3D imaging on him.  Jon and I headed out to Pasadena to Cranial Technologies and Ryan had 5 cameras capture his entire 360* view to determine if he suffered from Plagiocephaly. What is Plagiocephaly?  Flat head syndrome.  There's a few reasons that can cause it.  Ryan's is what I lovingly call - 3rd kid syndrome.  Since Ryan is the smallest one - and he has two big loving (and wild) siblings, he finds … [Read more...]

When Littles are Sick

ent ear tubes for toddlers

I'm a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and sharing how Netflix is life with us! When your kids are older, and you look back, you can see different their personalities that were poking through as they were tiny babies.  Aubrey was a good sleeper early on.  She didn't like cuddling much, and loved food.  She's almost 6 years old now, and she is still a great sleeper (she still naps people - I LOVE THAT!) and still isn't a huge fan of cuddling, and loves food (specifically, sweets. She's the only one of my kids that lives and dies for dessert).  Luke was NOT the sleeper.  He was a cuddler … [Read more...]