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Blogging Financial Report – July 2015

Blogging Financial Report - July 2015

You can view all past months of blogging financial reports by clicking here. August is here and I tried a few things out differently this past month.  One big thing is I decided to sign up for a 3-month Coaching session to discuss all that I do.  It's not just for this blog (although that is at the forefront of discussion), but also encompasses me as an entrepreneurial spirit and all that stems from that desire to work.  Samantha from Neapolitan Creative has been working with clients for quite some time and has opened it up to a group of small business owners (bloggers, wedding … [Read more...]

Blogging Financial Report – June 2015

Lifestyle Blogger Financial Report - June 2015

You can view all past months of blogging financial reports by clicking here. It's summer!!! It's officially Hot as Hades here in SoCal.  Every summer is always warm.  But adding in the extra element of being pregnant can make it even more uncomfortable.  But I digress. Let's talk about June's Blogging Financial Report! So June was a busy month on the blogging front.  I had more personal posts than sponsored ones.  I typically post two times a week and try to keep only one sponsored.  I don't like doing back to back posts of sponsored content unless I absolutely have to.  What's … [Read more...]

Blogging Financial Report – May 2015

blogging financial report - may 2015

You can catch up on March & April's financial report here. One thing I have learned over the past few years of blogging - is that no months are ever the same.  When I first started blogging for products or payments, was after I attended BlogHer 2012 and thought "why not?"  On the plane ride home I re-worked my strategy to come up with some long term goals, research affiliate links (referral links to products I like and if someone bought through those links, I general a very small commission), and collaborating with other bloggers. The collaboration was with a friend who was … [Read more...]

Blogging Financial Report – April 2015

Blogging Financial Report | April 2015

You can catch up on my March Financial report here.  This past month has been VERY quiet on the blog.  I recently shared that we're expecting our third child, and the nausea and all-day sickness has been kicking my butt. I only shared a few posts this past month, and those that went up were a challenge in and of itself. But, I really want to stay transparent for the good/bad/other of blogging and monetizing.  So, despite the quiet posts, here's what I've been up to this month. Income Blog Posts $45 in product items Printable Sales $5 Affiliate Income none  Expenses $1.65 … [Read more...]

Trying something new – Blogging Financial Report for March

Financial Blogging Report | March 2015 |

I'm a blogger and I follow up on the blogs of others.  There's also a completely secret element to blogging.  Every conference I go to, they  talk about numbers, how many visitors you have visiting your site monthly (or daily), how many people follow you on all the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), how many repins you get.  But really, only those with exorbitant amounts of followers & visitors seem to disclose their numbers.  Not necessarily to brag, but they know that they are just proud of what they have accomplished. Everyone else?  We just say "we're a small … [Read more...]

Consciously Being More Productive – CoSchedule Review

Review of CoSchedule

This is an unsolicited review of CoSchedule.  I signed up for a 2 week trial and will be purchasing a discounted paid subscription in exchange for this post.    A year ago, I was manually keeping tabs of all my posts, separated by sponsored and non-sponsored content.  Part of being a successful blogger is having more eyes on your content.  I figured with this monthly reminder of what I had written, I could flip back every now and then and schedule out some tweets or Facebook updates in case someone missed a post, or to capture a new audience. I had some amazing intentions. … [Read more...]