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5 Things I Learned from the Budget & Accountability Series – #FinancialFriday

As we conclude the 8 week series on Budget & Accountability, I have boiled down what I've learned into 5 things. Hopefully you will be able to apply this for your home budget! 1. Set Short Term & Long Term Goals I didn't set specific goals at the start, other than save money. I also didn't differentiate between short & long term goals. Why is this important? Because it's good to have some small celebrations along the way. It helps to keep you motivated. Think of it as the cheering stands along miles 3, 10, 16 while you're running a marathon. Not that I know how that feels. 2. … [Read more...]

Budget & Accountability {week 7} – #FinancialFriday

We're almost at the end of the Budget & Accountability series.  I decided it's about time to wrap it up.  I'll still be checking in, but let's not get all sappy and just get down to checking out how April ended up.  As you can see, not so hot.  But, as has been the theme throughout, let's find out why we ended the week way over budget and also the month. When we purchase things for our household, I buy multiple.  We shop at Sam's Club and stock up on ground turkey, hamburgers, paper goods, cheese, etc.  We do this about every month (or longer) and the first week of May brought on that … [Read more...]

Budget & Accountability {week 6} – #FinancialFriday

This post contains affiliate links Here we are, week 6 of the budget & accountability series.  This will be a short and sweet post. Did you notice anything new in that photo above? We came in under budget!!! We still had the usual gas, but didn't have any extra purchases, and kept meals at home light so didn't have a huge grocery bill. We also didn't need to purchase anything for the kids.  It was a great feeling.  I also went back through my initial calculations for how much we'd be budgeting out for the month and it was $1120. So for this last week, we could possibly swing being under … [Read more...]

Budget & Accountability {week 5} #FinancialFriday

Welcome to week 5! How many of us have been staying on track with our budgets? I received a facebook message from Bre that she and her husband, JB, have been using the spreadsheets and they have been coming under budget! I wish I could have the same luck. LOL.  I'm not sure if my spending allowance is unrealistic or we seriously have a problem sticking to a budget.  Each week-end Jon asks how we are doing, and I don't like telling him the honest truth.  But it is the truth so I must tell. This past week we had some big purchases for the kids.  I'll be posting next week what some of the money … [Read more...]

Budget & Accountability {week 4} #FinancialFriday

Welcome to Week 4! And also the start of a new month! How is your accountability holding up? Are you staying honest with yourself over purchases? Are you starting to think twice before purchasing things? This past week we went over again, but in looking at purchases and what money was spent on, I think we fared well.  I had another baby shower to attend, and we bought some baby purchases.  As time goes on, and my due date quickly approaches, I'm sure this will be the norm.  We're trying to spread out our purchases so we're not burdened by a bunch of money at once. But what's one thing we're … [Read more...]

Budget & Accountability {week 3} #FinancialFriday

Week 3 came to a close and also rounded out the end of the month.  I didn't start this project until the 2nd week in March, hence the 3rd week of our accountability, yet the 4th week listed on that photo above.  As you can see, WE DID IT! We came in under budget! We still had our weekly gas fill up for both cars, some shopping for minor things around the house, but the main reason we're severely under budget was because I didn't need to do any grocery shopping.  I had some stuff in the freezer and with the holiday weekend, most of our meals were spent out of the house with family. It was a … [Read more...]