50 Hours of Fun {weekend recap}

Our weekend was able to start a little bit early with Jon getting off work and being home by 5. That was pretty awesome.  The weather this past week has cooled off slightly, so we walked over to the park and brought her Minnie push car and a basketball.  The ball was Aubrey’s favorite thing. She kept grabbing it, going under the basket, and trying to throw it – except she never let go, and just kept grunting and trying to reach taller. One day little girl, one day.

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The ball was pretty fun to roll around too.

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After Aubrey was in bed, we continued our Sons of Anarchy show. We have been catching up on it with Netflix and it’s pretty good. With no tv, we’re able to catch up on shows we missed out the first time around.  And I’ve noticed a bunch of shows I used to watch, I keep forgetting about. Oh well. I finally made this box of Marshmallow Brownies – I’ve had them in the pantry since last summer.  The marshmallow was really sweet since it was more the fluff kind vs actual marshmallows.

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Saturday morning was an early start for us.  We’ve been attending our church, Crossroads, in SCV, for over a year now, but never quite made the leap to join as members.  We’re changing that, and we had our class this past weekend. Learned even more about the beliefs of our church, and thank God they align with what we believe in.  So by fall we should officially be members.  I need to be baptized though.  I was baptized as a baby (Catholic) but I want to make the decision now, as an adult, and am grateful my father in law is an elder and can perform my baptism! He  married us, dedicated Aubrey, will dedicate Luke, and baptize me.  I think that’s pretty special.

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After our class, we picked up Aubrey and headed to Aaron’s 2nd birthday.  We all remarked how different the party was this year vs last.  More babies, more pregnant bellies, and seeing the kids interact.  Danielle (Aaron’s mom) made this pinata and the kids really didn’t know what to do with it.  Aubrey spent the first few minutes laughing and running from it, then laughing and hiding again.  When the bat came out, I think it confirmed she might just be a soccer player rather than a tball girl.

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She did try and teach Jaxon about it, but it took Aaron’s dad to actually break it apart and have the goodies spill out.  Side note – Goldfish Vanilla Cupcake crackers are SO GOOD! (available at Target!) I need to go buy some for me. I mean her. I mean, ya.

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Selfie!  Aubrey just kept staring at the iPhone and wouldn’t ham it up for the camera.

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Aaron’s gift from his grandparents was this Little Tikes monster truck.  It had a back tailgate and we plopped Aubrey in it.  The adults took turns pushing them around and they both had a fun time – despite the looks on their faces.

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Sunday morning was the 3P’s at church – Prayer, Preaching, and Pancakes.  There was a choice of plain, orange, and bacon pancakes.  I snuck a regular and bacon before service (Jon had taken Aubrey in the Nursery as he was serving today) and after we all enjoyed pancakes together as a family.  Aubrey ate 2, and well, I had 2 more bacon.  They were so good!

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After we stopped at the car wash and at  first I was not looking forward to keeping a 19 month old entertained while Jon’s car was washed.  But this coy pond (with turtles!) kept Aubrey entertained for a long time.  We bought some fish food and she fed them, one pellet at a time, for about 20 minutes.  We even saw a pregnant mama fish and Jon said she needed extra food. Ha ha


After that we headed home, tried to relax, and all of us took a 2 hour nap after lunch.  I’m really enjoying this family time, as things will be a bit chaotic once Luke is born, until we can figure out our new routine.

Did you have a good weekend? What were you up to? Add your post in the comments if you did a recap, or just leave some love with how you spent the time!


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