4 Days in St. Louis

Well, an hour outside St. Louis but still.

Recently I packed up a bag, boarded a 6am flight with 2 other friends, and ventured out to St. Louis to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my best friend, Lovebug.  (her name is actually Erica but I rarely call her that).  She’s getting married next year and she wanted a weekend full of relaxing, wine drinking, and girlfriends.  I found us a cabin in Marthasville, MO and it was so incredible. Hard to get to, cell service sucked, but the view and quiet was top notch.  4 of us travelled out from California and 2 others drove in from neighboring areas.  We did a whole lot of nothing. Which was awesome. We enjoyed pizza, and wine, and oh my we laughed so hard.  If you’ve never played the Ellen Degeneres App – Head’s Up – you’re missing out.  I think I almost peed my pants a few times.


Our shopping list for the store.  We made chili Friday night. So yum.

What bachelorette party is complete without some wedding pins?missouri8

Beauty mags were also on hand. And beer.missouri9

Lots of this. missouri15And this.


LOTS of this. missouri16

And red solo cups of wine.  Hi Bride!




On Saturday we went wine tasting at a few local wineries.  While I didn’t think I am I wine snob, I will say I did notice the huge difference in wines from what I have here in Cali.  I liked 1 at the first winery and another at the last. The middle one – not so much. missouri19


But the food. OMGOSH everything was so good. I was so happy that every place we went to had pretzels! This was my lunch – a pretzel bun panini style sandwich.


Oh the pretzels.  So good.missouri31



I was educated on caterpillars.  Yes, I was not aware this is a type of one. Apparently the black line helps determine how long winter is.

I can’t wait for Lovebug’s wedding in May.  A chance to see all these ladies again.  missouri42

These 2. Love them!missouri57

Our last morning before heading back home to reality.missouri61

I loved dressing for fall! It was cold.missouri55

Photobombing MJ!missouri65




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