36 Week Bumpdate

36 week bumpdate

I’m officially “full-term” despite that 36 not being 40.  The whole timeframe for being pregnant is so odd.  When you find out you’re pregnant, you’re already like 4 or so weeks along.  The time starts counting as SOON as you finish your last cycle, even though you couldn’t have technically gotten pregnant then since a lot has to occur before the little bean is implanted in your uterus.

At 36 weeks, if I go into labor, there is no medical intervention done to stop it.  And since this is baby #3, I’ve really been realizing how much I need to get done asap.  I just started maternity leave and I need to do my pre-registration with our hospital to speed up the admittance process while I’m in labor.  I also need to pack a hospital bag, have a list going of Jon’s items he needs (should he be in school when I go into labor), figure out who will be handling what while we’re at the hospital, etc.

When you’re pregnant with your first, you don’t think about much.  Water break? You just grab your husband and head in.  When you have your second, you have to line up who will watch the child when you go into labor – neighbor if it’s in the middle of the night? A drop-off with a relative if it’s during the day?  And, if they’re older, who will pick up from school if it happens then.

With 2 kids, there’s some more prep but it does help tremendously that my mom lives with us.  I just have to ensure my mother-in-law has a car seat for Aubrey set up in her car to help with the pickup/dropoff for preschool since there’s some steps involved that my mom can’t do. But, no biggie.

My last appointment with my doc I was just shy of 34 weeks pregnant.  When I went last week, just shy of 36 weeks.  I gained 4 pounds in two weeks. I was stunned.  I’ve been progressing at a normal rate, but I always forget how the end can bring on gain so much more rapid.  It probably doesn’t help that a sweet tooth has kicked in lately and I’m dying for ice cream, pie, cookies, or home-made dunkaroos after I finish making Aubrey’s lunch at night.  (keep an eye on Instagram to see what I’m eating).

I’ve been having minor swelling and puffiness as well over the past few weeks.  My wedding rings still fit, but I have to take them off by early afternoon to prevent them from getting stuck.  My belly is very heavy and at times it literally feels like I’ll just fall over if I lean too much.  I posted about something I found at Buy Buy Baby to help support the weight, but quickly learned it did not work. Luckily a friend tagged a California-based company, Bao Bei Maternity, that creates a sports-bra like band for the belly. I ordered it last Friday and it arrived Monday morning.  I immediately put it on (it’s the turquoise you see poking out under my top in the photo) and so far, I’m super digging it.  They also included a black one that is made out of a thinner material. Suzanne Koval, the owner & creator, said the black is more for the “day” and the turquoise for the “play.”  Search #BellySportBra on Instagram to see how many mamas are using it.

And the one thing I think I’m obviously looking forward to the most is finding out if this is a boy or girl.  My entire pregnancy I felt boy. But within the past 2 weeks, I’m teetering over to girl.  My logic?  I am starting to feel like I did at the end of my pregnancy with Aubrey more than how I felt with Luke.  I’m having more insomnia nights, with the debate over getting up to make a PB&J.  I have extreme pain in my feet from the weight.  With Aubrey, I actually had to buy special super super squishy slippers to wear at all times around the house. Barefoot just didn’t cut it.  I’m also SO PUFFY in the face.  Holy cow. The photo I took this week and shared with family & friends on facebook just was awful. Didn’t help that I also had no makeup on.  But I don’t think any amount of contouring can help. LOL.

So we shall see! I’m feeling like I’ll have the baby on 11-14.  It’ll mark the 1 year anniversary of when we moved into our forever home.  The past year has brought on so much adventure that it would almost seem like the perfect ending to mark it.


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    I can’t believe it’s almost baby time for you! Where has this year gone?!

    I think you’re going to go a little later than the 14th. The 20th is a good day to have a birthday…I should know. 😉 But I’m going to say the 17th and I feel like this baby is a boy.

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