32 weeks!!

The whole math-process involved with calculating months vs weeks in pregnancy is pretty daunting.  I mean, we’ve been raised our whole lives knowing there’s “9” months till you’re due. But that’s a load of crap if you break down the 40 weeks you’re pregnant…and go at 4 week increments.  Although some months have a 5th week, but thta’s just even more complicated.

So today I hit 32 weeks. Am I 8 months now? Not according to the bump’s “how big is baby” – it says that 32 is the last week of month 7.  And 33 is the start of month 8.  So who to believe? Well, I’m going to go with simple 3rd (or 4th?) grade division.  And say I’m 8 months. EIGHT! wahoo! I have 8 weeks left (ish) until my due date. It’s incredible how fast the time has gone. I think perhaps it’s because Jon and I keep loading up all the projects we need to get done. We’re almost done with the patio.  Before it was his project. But now we get into the pretty things – plants – and I get brought into that decision. So now it’s our project.  Don’t worry honey – I won’t take all the credit ;o)

So since I am going with 8 months, our baby is now the size of a …



Not bad.  I feel her butt press against my belly all the time. I’m assuming it’s her butt. It’s pretty hard. Although it could be her head. That’d be bad if it is because I like to poke it. Ha ha. And I might be starting with realizing Braxton Hicks Contractions (not to be confused with Taylor Hicks from American Idol – the old guy with gray hair).  Last night Jon felt my stomach go completely rock hard and then relax. I always knew I can feel that, but weird that he can feel that from the outside!

I have my maternity photoshoot coming up next weekend with the uber talented Emmy Cube Photography. I can’t wait! We’re going back to Ventura Pier – to the same place we took our engagement photos.  (the one on my splash page for Real Life was from then!)  I’ve been dreaming about outfits. Except it’s REALLY hard to find something cute for pregnant ladies. But I did head to Forever 21 and grabbed a dress and a cute belt. It’s not an outfit made for sitting right now…I can only stand in it. But I sure will look damn pretty! Can’t wait to share them with you all!

Have an amazing weekend!

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