30 weeks and a Tour

Well folks, congrats to Baby A for hitting 30 weeks! I can’t believe how fast this is all becoming a reality!  I saw the doc and he’s estimating her weight at around 3lbs 11oz.  But from an impromptu post on facebook, this could be WAY off.  Nonetheless, I feel her move all the time.  I think this is in large part to my belly not growing fast enough to give her some space in there.  My weight is now up to 16 pounds from my starting point and the doctor seems to be ok with it.  I didn’t gain any weight my first trimester (probably due to all food sounding absolutely disgusting and morning sickness) but at the start of the 2nd, I’ve steadily gained about a pound a week.  Works for me!

Here’s the photo of Baby A:

After seeing that, we really have no idea whose nose that is.  But she looks like she’s got some gorgeous lips! Time will tell when we see her in real life, and not on a computer screen.  I asked our doc some questions about the upcoming weeks.  He said that I’ll see him in another 3, then after that move to every 2 weeks. At 38 weeks, he’ll start checking my cervix (JOY!) to see how I’m doing.  I asked him about inducing – because I was curious – and he said he will do them around 40 or 41 weeks, but it’s mainly due to how the mother is doing.  He said if you’re miserable before then, he’d see about it. So who knows how I’ll be .

And also this week Jon and I went on the hospital tour of the new Labor & Delivery ward at Providence Holy Cross! It was really nice – the whole new section/entrance of the hospital.  So much more cheerful than the construction zone that’s been going on for the past few years.  Here are some photos of the LDR suites (Labor, Delivery, Recovery)

So the first photo is the awesome couch/pull out bed for Jon to crash on. He’s hoping I’m in labor overnight cuz he really wants to sleep on it.  Then there’s my bed, and Jon being silly.  We were on a tour with about 14 other couples. But I strategically walked in the room first, so we would also be the last to leave. Hello! I have to take photos!  The suites are all singles and you get to stay in there from the time you’re admitted, until after you give birth.  Recovery is usually 1-2 hours they say, and then you move to the Mother/Baby ward.  That wasn’t as big of a room.  To give you an idea of how big these LDR suites are – all of the couples fit inside it.  Sure we were crammed like sardines, but we fit!   In the other rooms, barely half the group would fit at once.  But most are also all single rooms so yay for some privacy!

I also turned in all my pre-admitting paperwork and signed some waivers and what not for Baby A and me.  Just a few more months folks! this is really happening!

Oh and Baby Center says she weighs about the same as a head of cabbage.  Here’s a photo.


  1. Christy says

    You three are just adorable. It is all beginning to sink in for me too. I’m so excited for all of you.

  2. Jen Lange says

    It’s so exciting watching you go through this process; especially since you narrate and illustrate it in such great detail. Your journals will be so valuable to Baby A someday.

  3. Grammie says

    The entire Baby A experience is so exciting 🙂 so much (ok EVERYTHING) has improved since I was pregnant with you!

    Nine more weeks, YAY…. How ecstatic am I

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