25 week comparison – Aubrey vs Luke

Every day I walk around thinking “man, I feel so big.”  At night it’s worse, and I keep meaning to do a comparison photo against my pregnancy with Aubrey.  Some say I’m carrying higher, some more pointed.  Well, here’s the 25 week comparison. Also, how am I already to 25 weeks? I have to take the glucose test next week. Dreading that. It was not my favorite moment of my pregnancy with Aubrey.

So, Now on to the comparison…

25 week comparison

I tried to get the sizing just about the same.  Man I wish I had invested in that indoor tilt-flash when I was pregnant before. It makes a world of difference!  And yes, You can tell I definitely am showing more, sooner but only slightly higher. Not too bad. But, I think as time goes on, it’ll be more prevalent that I’m carrying higher.


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