The Launch of the 2017 PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters

2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner


This post contains affiliate links. The 2018 PowerSheets launch on 10-25-17.

I have waited SO LONG for this!!! In 2014 I purchased PowerSheets for the very first time.  I thought it was the perfect time to work on them – try to narrow my focus.  I had been following Lara Casey for so long – and Emily Ley too.  I started back when Emily was working two jobs and then they both were working on the Making It Happen tour. I always thought it was the perfect time to start that. But, I was wrong. God had other plans.

A few months after purchasing the PowerSheets we bought our (now forever) home.  The PowerSheets were safe in a box and then moved into my desk.  They remained untouched.  I always had big plans for them and also never found the time to devout to them.  PowerSheets are not miracle workers. They only work when I find the time to do them.

So, this past summer, I decided to do it.  I was just about a year into my Scentsy journey and blogging was going well.  My mind was honestly all over the place and I knew that Lara’s PowerSheets would help me focus – make me work through the hard stuff.  So, I bought them on a great deal, shared about them on social media to help keep me accountable, and I did the work. I started sharing the videos on Facebook  (View Mid-July, End of July, End of August, and End of September.)

cultivate what matters - new 2017 powersheets by lara casey

Why do I share this? Because maybe you’ve been the kind of person – like me – who thinks they can take on anything – think they can do it all, because they could do it all.  But really, you’ll burn yourself out.  You’ll do a lot of things mediocre, instead of doing a few things great.  At least, that’s me.  Since the summer, and after a lot of talking with Jon, I’ve realized I like to do “many” things because I fear of doing a “few” things very well.  I get to a point, and instead of pushing through, fear overtakes me and I back off.  I find things to keep me busy.  But, I want more.

I’m so excited to share that TODAY is the launch of the brand new 2017 line of PowerSheets  The 2018 collection of PowerSheets launch 10-25-17 and the improvements are awesome!   And, because I’m an affiliate, I have SO MANY PHOTOS TO SHARE!!!

2018 PowerSheets Collection


There are technically 4 different 2018 PowerSheets.  There is the full 2017 dated PowerSheets bound version.  It runs through every month from January to December.  It is $55, 176 pages measures a great smaller size of 9×10 inches and has a flexible cover.  There is gold lettering and pops of color throughout the entire thing.  There are TWO pages of stickers.  This is the one I’ll be purchasing!

cultivate what matters - new 2017 powersheets by lara caseyThe second model has 3 color options (white, Teal, Coral-Red) and is 6 months and is undated.  It is $40 and measures the same 9×10 and has 110 pages. It includes one page of stickers and the gold lettering and color throughout as well.

cultivate what matters - new 2017 powersheets by lara casey

Besides the PowerSheets, they’re having something completely awesome for the planner addict – STICKERS!!!  They’ve worked hard, had lots of feedback from us – the lovers of PowerSheets – to create meaningful stickers to use in our 2018 PowerSheets and with our planners.

cultivate what matters - new 2017 powersheets by lara casey - Sticker Book

The sticker book measures 5×7 and has over 150 stickers!  They’ve shared some of the stickers through their Facebook Live videos and there’s a lot involving health, fitness, spiritual, business, and personal growth.  I’m so excited to add this on to my purchase. But wait. That’s not all.

cultivate what matters - new 2017 powersheets by lara casey - Papermate Flair Pens

Papermate Flair pens – customized with their new shop name – Cultivate What Matters.


So please hurry over, purchase your 2018 PowerSheets, and share with me on Instagram what else you purchased!


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