2015 Word Of The Year

In the blogosphere, many bloggers choose a word of the year in January. Heck some even get determined and come up with it in December.  It probably exists in other circles, but honestly the first time I’ve really heard about it was from other bloggers.  Last year my word was Persevere and it held up pretty good.  This year, however, I was truly having a hard time even coming up with one.  I debated if I should even make one (or think of one? not sure what the right terminology is).  In my SoCal Lady Blogger’s group, everyone was sharing their words.  Carolyn chose Change (and my word, she has really been putting that to good work already!), Megan chose multiple words – Moving In A New Direction, Trina picked Fabulous, And Beverly choose a really great word she describes in her post – Inventory.

But for me, I was seriously coming up empty.  I thought about the plans I have, and what could be used to describe that journey.  I thought about the past few months and how I’ve been steered (well, our whole family) in a path that I never dreamed about at the start of last year.  I was even thinking about it while painting this weekend for another project I have to share later.  But, just nothing.  Which, if you know me, is something short of a miracle since I’m never really at a loss for words.

So, Sunday, we finally made it to church since we’ve been hit or miss the past month between the kids being sick, Disneyland, and serving in the toddler room.  We sing worship songs and sometimes it’s to a large band of 5 or more people, but today it was two.  Having 2 people sing (one playing lead guitar) really is a profound experience because you just focus on the words and your own singing and hearing the voices of all your family around you.

The song we sang today was I Surrender.  I actually cannot recall any other words to it right now, but, even though I’ve heard the song before, today it stuck with me.  I started thinking after service about how the entire past 6 months (well, longer but really in the past 6 months) how all I’ve had going on around me is because of Him.  We weren’t going to be buying a home until Jon was done with his MBA program in 2017.  We weren’t going to be making any huge life changes.  But, look at where we’re at now.

I’ve also been reading Lara Casey’s book Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose. (affiliate link) and I’ve just had so many different thoughts going through my mind.  But basically her message is Surrender to Him, and let Him guide you were you’re supposed to end up.  So, that’s what I’m doing.  I have my dreams for this year, but I’m not controlling them.  I’m doing the work, but if 6 months from now I’m supposed to be doing something totally different, I’m not going to stand in my own way.  Well, stand in His way cuz He’ll always win.

2015 word of the year


Jon and I want to both be intentional this year – with the time we have with our kids, each other, and most importantly, set up our priorities to give all the praise to God and work hard on teaching our kids why we surrender to His will.

So, that’s my word! Do you come up with a word of the year? Share it in the comments!


  1. says

    I love your word choice for the year! I love this idea of recognizing that we have to put God in control of everything and let HIm have his way.

    My word for the year is MESSY. And I keep writing it in capital letters,lol.

  2. says

    I love your word. So fitting for a lot of people and so true. I have trouble being able to surrender things I cannot control to Him. It is so hard to do and then I stop and realize that I just needed Him to guide in a tough situation. Thank you for sharing this and I will definitely keep it in my mind because we all need to surrender to God because he is in control.

  3. CT says

    I traditionally have trouble with your chosen word of the year, since I am a born control freak, but I keep trying to find a way. Maybe my intention word for 2015 = Socialize. With my chronic illness, I find myself isolating myself often. I dipped my toe into the water last year, but this year I will focus more on that directly.

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