18 weeks!!

Hit 18 weeks today! The baby is the size of a sweet potato! Those are my fave! I had a doc’s appt yesterday and up another pound. That totals 3 so far from my starting weight. The little bambino was sleeping, I think, because it didn’t move as much as the last ultrasound. I have to scan the pics but one looks like skeletor (name that tv show!) and the other looks like an alien.

We weren’t able to find out the gender (sad face) BUT we go in Tuesday am for the anatomy scan where we’re sure to find out and also get a lot of pictures!!! Hopefully they make our baby look more human 🙂

I’m happy to say all waves of nausea have become a distant memory. Thank goodness!! I have a baby shower to attend this weekend and so excited to see all the gadgets. I need to start making mental notes for when it comes time to tackle that this summer.

Oh and can’t wait for Mother’s day! I know my baby is on the inside but it’s still my official first one!!

The days seem to go by a lot faster. I think mainly it’s the good weather. I’m typing this as I’m getting my fill of vitamin D lol. Have a great weekend!

Oh. And the gender guests are tipping more to girl with each vote!!

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