14 hours with 2 under 2

This past week Jon had a VERY long day at work.  They were having training and he was gone before anyone else woke up, and got home after everyone (but me) was asleep.  It was a true test to me to survive the day of a mom with 2 under 2.  And since you might wonder what that looks like, I took the liberty of documenting (most) of the day.

That night Luke had a great sleep.  He had a 5 hour stretch, woke up to nurse, then had another 2.5 hours.  He woke up around 6:15 and I thought no big deal because Aubrey is usually up by 6:30.  Except not today. She slept till 7:30.  She had her bottle in our room, while watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Luke rested.  Well, that resting was more like squirming & pooping & nursing.  At which point she finished her bottle, then proceeded to go through my pajama drawer and pull out what she liked.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 1

 Here she is trying to put on my pjs, while still keeping an eye on her show.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 2

Here he is, all snuggled, after eating and burping some.  Probably changed a diaper too in there. I was still half asleep, but enjoying my coffee.

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 We made it downstairs (all still in our pjs) and then Luke lost it.  I tried to put him in the swing while I got Aubrey’s breakfast together but he screamed bananas.  So instead of her and I enjoying our meal together, she ate alone.  I came back to her like this.  Jon said she looks like a Dexter promo.  I will not buy black plums again.  Even if she had a great time.

Lunch was pretty uneventful.  I didn’t feel like making much so we both enjoyed some corndogs.  It was her first time having one (well, any hot dog really) and she seemed to be a fan.  We shared some yogurt and then it was time for nap!  She went down without much fight (unlike the day before) and Luke wanted to nurse again. Thank goodness he eats fast.  I was able to grab a quick shower (I normally take them in the AM while she’s preoccupied with Daniel Tiger but was feeling a little lazy today) and then I fell asleep too.

He woke up after an hour (as did I) and fed him, and figured Aubrey would be up soon. She typically sleeps 2 hours but today was gracious enough to add another 40 minutes to it. Yay!

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 4

 Still in pjs.  I found this toy in our downstairs closet and she had fun opening/closing/pouring it.  We danced around the kitchen to the song while I made dinner.  I went with an easy sauteed chicken dinner so I could keep an eye on her.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 5

 Then, dinner time.  Luke had been sleeping in the swing soundly, and as soon as I got her dinner served, and mine, he woke up and was hungry.  I nursed him on the couch while Aubrey at her carrots & cauliflower and then I put him in the swing to eat mine. Except he didn’t want that. So here’s how we ate dinner. I held him, ate with one hand, and in between my bites fed Aubrey her chicken.  She didn’t like the rice and wasn’t picking it out.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 6

One of my favorite parts of the night is bathtime.  Aubrey was a ham, as usual, and I told her to say cheese and this is what I got.  Then she said “Mommy Cheese” and so, I flipped the phone around and snapped this one.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 7

 All the while Luke slept right outside the door.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 8

 Then it was time for more nursing of Luke.  Aubrey went crazy in her room pulling out books and toys and then this happened when I told her it was time to clean up.  She’s crying if you can’t tell.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 9

 Then she would stop, pick up 2 things, and I would say “good job, keep cleaning” then fall down on the floor crying again. Eventually she got it all done. I only had to help get the books back in cuz she kept saying they were “stuck” and would get frustrated.

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 10

 After all that, both went back to sleep and I poured myself a glass of wine and watched Breaking Dawn, part 1.  Jon got home shortly after and let me hang out in silence while he ate dinner downstairs.  Oh, and before I poured a glass, I emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the dinner mess.  Long day, but I made it! And both kids also survived and I think had some fun 🙂

14 hours with 2 under 2 - melissadell.com 11

(that black thing coming out of the wall is the cable cord. But since we don’t have cable, it just hangs there. Since it’s a rental, I’m not about to replace the plate)


  1. Zubeida says

    Oh man what a long day! Glad to hear you survived. My system is going to get such a shock when no.2 arrives!

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