11 Easy Back To School Lunch Ideas

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One of the simple things I have really grown to love is packing Aubrey’s lunch for preschool.  Last year I often shared on Instagram what was in her lunch.  I’m not sure why, but I know I always liked to see what other moms (and dads!) were packing for the kids.  I’d get some new ideas and would test them out with Aubrey.  She’s not a picky eater by any means, but I know she always enjoys the same theme included – a fruit (sometimes a veggie), something crunchy, something chewy, and always something yum! With Back to School season officially under way, I wanted to share some of our easy back to school lunch ideas!

11 easy back to school lunch ideas


Our school is not a nut free school, and PB & J is one of her absolute favorites.  Growing up, my mom made our lunches.  She would always tell us she drew a heart in the peanut butter to share her love and I’d sometimes peek to see if it was really there. (spoiler alert – it was!).

Living in SoCal also has quite a great assortment of fruits for most of the year.  Aubrey loves all kinds of berries and I try to put 1-2 items in her lunch each day.  Sometimes she wants applesauce and I use a squeeze pouch for that.  Other times she is completely content with strawberries.  Ask your child what they’d like to see when they open their lunch to get them excited about eating it every day!

11 easy lunch ideas for preschool

There are a few things you’ll ALWAYS find in our pantry for the whole family to enjoy.  One staple are the Quaker Chewy Granola Bars in the variety pack.  I remember eating these growing up and now I wonder if they shrunk – but I really know I just grew 🙂  I used to love the peanut butter one, but now my favorite is the chocolate chip.  Aubrey and Luke like all of them. I remember there used to be a s’more one too! I gotta check out Walmart to see if they carry it next time I’m there.

Getting ready for #BacktoSchool? Here’s one of 3 lunch ideas #QuakerTime {AD} #lunches 

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Does anyone else’s kid place the raspberries on their finger tips before snacking on them?  It’s hilarious to see her little fingers wearing hats.  With our big lunch boxes, I use small silicone baking cups to divide up the items in her lunch.  I group together items to avoid any breaded things from getting soggy from fruit.  They’re incredibly easy to wash! 11 easy lunch ideas for preschool

Ready for lunch idea #2? This one featured cap’n crunch SMORES mix!!! #QuakerTime AD  A video posted by Melissa Dell (@melissa_dell) on

This lunch is one that even I would enjoy!  The rolled up lunch meat and crackers is a great change of pace from just a traditional ham sandwich.  I roll and slice each lunch meat in thirds to fit easily in our lunch box.  The baby carrots are also halved (and sometimes I quarter them – depending how thick they are) and a side of ranch is always appreciated by any Dell family member!  Last up is a special treat!  Aubrey loves s’mores and this is a really great mix featuring Cap’n Crunch!  In case you missed it, you can click the image below for the recipe.  And I use that term loosely 🙂

easy s'mores mix - 11 easy lunch ideas for preschoolOur third lunch choice has some more fruit and another special creation!

11 easy  lunch ideas for preschool

I really pack in the fruit before winter comes!  This lunch is more on par for Lukey as he’s the turkey lover.  Aubrey doesn’t really like it, and I’m not sure why.  But I’d rather her eat so I make sure to skip it in her lunch.  Luke starts preschool this fall when I’m closer to my due date.  He now has his own lunch box and I’ll be keeping it easy and packing both kids with the same things.  Making lunches can quickly snowball into a huge production. So keep it simple!  By mapping out what items your kids like – find a way to incorporate it into a lunch sized option. Featured here is the Quaker Instant Oatmeal in Bananas ‘n Cream.  I did a spin on the Oatmeal Bites I’ve done before (thanks Pinterest!) and you can click below for the recipe! Peanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal Bites 11 easy lunch ideas for preschool I grabbed all the Quaker items when we hit up Walmart for Aubrey’s back to school shopping trip.  She’s set to go next week and she’s quite the excited girl. I think it’s mainly because her little brother can FINALLY go with her!  She tells him almost every night how he’ll be in the little classroom, and she’s in the big classroom.  And he’ll eat lunch in his classroom with the little kids and she’ll be eating outside with the big kids.  I honestly don’t care where they eat, as long as they enjoy the lunches I pack for them!

How can Quaker make your Back to School transition easier? Maybe store a few granola bars for you with all the running around for last minute purchases!


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    This is so great! I always stress a little about packing the kids lunches and I love seeing what other people are doing. Anything to make it easy and includes foods the kids will actually eat is good. #client

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