10 things – do you have?

Do you remember, oh, I’d say about a few years ago, how all around the fashion world they always spoke about the top 10 fashion pieces you must own? you know – jeans, dress pants, little black dress, etc?  I remember Tim Gunn even had a show about it.  I remember he’d go to someone’s house (similar to how they do it on what not to wear), scare the shit out of the people, raid the closet, and after said and done, they’d have like 2 acceptable pieces. But then they go shopping {yay!} for more things in the top 10.  And then at the end he’d give them some insane token gift. I remember one was some expensive crocodile purse, a gorgeous cocktail ring, a custom dress.

Every time I’d watch that show, I’d get depressed. Why? Because my closet/wardrobe would not have one piece of clothing Tim Gunn would approve!  I’ve never cared too much about what I wear. I attribute that to my day job – where basically anything goes. I am usually wearing jeans, tank, and flip flops.  It’s great ya, but sometimes, I really wish I had to actually make some sort of effort.

Remember last year, when we redid our closet?  Oh wait, I have a pic:

Ya, there’s really a whole lot of not so hot going on in there. Sometimes I wish I could get on What Not to Wear. But then, I think that’d be a bad idea. I’d hate the ridicule. Boo.  So, this weekend I’m going to find another new pair of jeans. I love my Joe’s Jeans I got last year {TJ Maxx – clearance. $40!!} and I need another pair. Nordstrom’s is out of my range, but not the rack! Very excited.

So how many things do you have of the 10 totally necessary pieces per Tim Gunn?


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    I can assure you that Tim Gunn would not be happy with me. In fact, I think he would bust out the disappointed Tim voice which makes everyone feel shamed…

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