Enjoying Our Summer Vacation

Aubrey’s preschool runs year round.  There’s a few times a year that there is an extended break – end of the year for Christmas/New Year’s, Spring Break, End of Year/Pre-Summer Break, and then End of Summer break.  We’re in the midst of that last one right now – the break between the summer camp style before back to school hits.  Every day this week we have something planned for her – a fun day with each grandma alone, some fun {Read More}

When to Move to a Big Girl Room


Right before Luke was born, we made the decision to move Aubrey from her crib to a toddler bed.  We couldn’t justify buying a second crib and she was way too little for a twin. So we bought this  Dream on Me toddler bed to match the crib since they were sharing a room. And we figured down the road, it would be a great style for Luke too. We had a guard rail up on the open side (the {Read More}

Lunch Time is My Time – Chili’s At Home

Lunch Time Is My Time - Chili's At Home Frozen Meals

Serving Up Chili’s At Home During the week, lunch time belongs to me.  It’s the one meal where I can eat in silence, relax, flip through Twitter or Instagram, and just enjoy my food hot (or cold) the way it was created to be.  I don’t have to worry about picking up a fork off the floor, or grabbing someone more water.  I don’t need to make sure the food is cut up into small enough pieces, and I don’t {Read More}

Loving on Mabel’s Labels

Mabel's Labels

You should already know that we love our Mabel’s Labels in the Dell Household.  I included it in our Preschool Favorite Things.  When I went on to their site to grab the link for the winner to select her Ultimate Back To School Combo, {affiliate link} I saw that they are offer fundraising opportunities! I sent the information Aubrey’s preschool and shared with the director how much we love ours, and how this is such a good fit since EVERYTHING {Read More}

Trying New Things for Date Night

Wolf Creek Brewery Tap Room - Santa Clarita Valley CA

Last week, on Thursday, my mom was over and she was talking about having a sleep over with Aubrey.   I don’t recall when the last one was, but I said “hey, what about tomorrow?”  And so, the last minute date planning began. With Aubrey away at my mom’s for an overnight adventure, and my in-laws watching Luke for a few hours, Jon and I hit up one of our favorite places in our town for Thai food.  Since the {Read More}

How Predictability Helps Kids – Stinkerpants Calendar

Stinkerpants Calendar for Smart Little Kids

While many of us have our own planners to keep our lives in line, what about our kids?  Little ones, in particular, can’t write down their play dates, doctor visits, or schedule hair cuts.  I mean, Aubrey is working on the letter A (uuuuup, dooooown, across!) but her little world is always changing with what we have going on.  Earlier this summer, we moved her to attending preschool all day, Jon started grad school, and with some weekend events, we’re relying {Read More}

Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!


  As an adult, are there memories that were actually stories told so many times, that they feel so real to you?  I know sometimes it’s hard to decipher which memories I have were factual and which were not.  While I didn’t grow up in the digital age as Aubrey and Luke are now, there are still plenty of photos around to spark memories, and also to remind me how things used to be.  That’s me, around 1 year old. {Read More}

Our Breastfeeding Story


I realized, when fellow blogger Trina asked, that I have never written about my breastfeeding journey with either baby. I’ve referenced a bit here or there, but nowhere really on my little site.  So, in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I figured, why not now? I had absolutely NO idea what to expect when Aubrey was born.  In the hospital, they said she wasn’t eating enough so the nurse showed me how to express some milk and feed  to her {Read More}

#UpgradeYourSleep with the new Beautyrest Black


  Raise your hand if this is your view in the middle of the night   You know, for some reason or another, you wake up, stare, and keep thinking about the time that passed and how you hope to fall asleep soon.  I had that sort of insomnia while pregnant with Aubrey. I remember the last few months just laying there,  totally uncomfortable for more than one reason, and eventually would get up, and walk around.  It didn’t help {Read More}

Our Preschool Favorite Items & Giveaway!

Preschool Favorite Items

Aubrey’s been in school, full time, since last October.  She had to wait till her 2nd birthday so we missed the Back to School buzz and the awesome First Day of Preschool posts on Instagram.  We did document her first day and my how much she’s changed since then! My little girl! The first year in Preschool has shaped her personality so much, as well as taught her tons of songs, words, and just things in general. She’ll randomly call {Read More}


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