If You Give A Kid A Pumpkin


So, just going to start off by saying – Jon and I are totally winning the Parents Of The Year award.  You see, we went to our local pumpkin patch with the kids and realized as we were walking in – we had no cash.  I have no idea if they even take a debit card but we thought no biggie we can totally leave without buying a pumpkin. WRONG. Aubrey started gathering all the mini pumpkins in our wagon and {Read More}

Keep ‘em Glowing – DIY Kid Project


Not sure if you participated or saw the photos on Instagram last week for #OneDayHH started by Hollywood Housewife, but I was on there and I liked, periodically, to flip through the hashtag for cool photos and what not.  I stumbled across an image from Momma On Fire and found out she was working on Glow in the Dark pasta necklaces. UM BRILLIANT!  Since we were going on a camping trip, I grabbed some items from Walmart to work on this {Read More}

Teaching Responsibility with the help of Pedigree Dog Food


  Growing up, my sister and I got our first puppy on Valentine’s day.  My mom & aunt were running errands and next thing we knew there was a knock at the door and a sweet pup named Harry was in our lives.  He was an incredible dog and sadly was let out one day by our gardeners. I remember racing around on my bike through our neighborhood searching for him to no avail.  After some time we adopted two {Read More}

Happy Third Birthday Aubrey!


My sweet girl. I love you so much.  You helped expand my heart beyond any measure I could have imagined.  Your birth forever changed me and your Daddy.  You’ve brought us joy, sleepless nights, incredible amounts of snuggles, and laughter.  You helped us yearn for wanting more for our family and working hard to achieve those goals. You brought us closer to God and the amount of blessings we’ve received are truly wonderful. Thank you for having your own personality, {Read More}

Potty Training – One Down, One To Go


If you ask parents what the must stressful time during toddler-hood, I think most will agree it’s potty training.  While it is true once it “clicks” it just happens, it also is a true test of self perseverance and dedication.  Before Luke was born, I wanted to try and get Aubrey potty trained.  Well, that wasn’t apparently the time for that to occur. After a day or two we stopped.  I tried again a few months later and there was {Read More}

Celebrating Mommy Crunch!


    This blogger world I live in is incredibly awesome as I get the opportunity to meet & make new friends with women all over the country.  But sometimes, I make friends with someone and then find out they’re also a blogger.  Mommy Crunch – aka Cara – and I met through our church when our little first borns – Aubrey & Charlie –  were friends in the nursery.  As time passed, we chatted more, and discovered she blogs {Read More}


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