Meals are Always Better with Friends {StoneFire Menu}

Meals are Always Better with Friends {StoneFire Menu}

  As our kids get older, I am excited for the many meals we can share with our friends. Time for the parents to hang out, catch up, and have a few laughs.  Time for the kids to giggle, share stories, make funny faces, and create their own bonds to withstand time.  And it will always be centered around good food! Aubrey and I were invited, along with some fellow bloggers, to try out their new summer menu.  Justin, son {Read More}

Grand Opening – Pieology in Santa Clarita Valley

Grand Opening – Pieology in Santa Clarita Valley

What’s my favorite type of meal? One that involves someone else doing the cooking, the dishes, and everyone in our family is satisfied with their choice of meal.  I’m pretty sure, actually, that’s a lot of folks’ favorite type of meal.  I mean, a family of four can create an overflowing sinkf of dishes from a simple dinner!  As Aubrey grows, we’re learning what her likes are and we already know pizza is at the top of her list for {Read More}

Ellen’s Mother’s Day Stroller: Quinny Buzz Xtra Giveaway


I’m not sure if you have come across the special Mother’s Day Special before with the Ellen Show.  I tried to get on it when I was pregnant with Aubrey, and would have with Luke (but that theme was first time moms).  One of my girlfriend’s attended the one in 2013 and it was truly incredible to see the brands gift so many of their products to the audience.  Last week, the Ellen Show re-aired the show.  Here’s a snip {Read More}

See’s Candies – Finding Our Favorites

See's Candies - Finding Our Favorites

  How many things have you discovered, as an adult, that you LOVE – yet you distinctly remember not liking it as a kid?  Growing up I loved candy, but for some reason I just never cracked open a box of See’s Candies.  I did, however, love their lollypops! I think the unknown contents of the chocolate is what scared me off. What would I do if I took a bit and hated what was inside? Apparently, this was the {Read More}

The Simplified Planner Review


(The Simplified Planner Review - by Emily Ley – is to help you make an educated decision on whether it fits your lifestyle.  I was not asked to do this, nor was I given this for  free. Enjoy!) I’ve been waiting on reviewing this because I wanted to make sure I’d still be using my Simplified Planner since it’s not an inexpensive purchase (the 2014 was $56 plus shipping). I want to make sure what I share with you guys is {Read More}

Summertime Hostess Gift


  Remember back when I posted about how tomatoes were growing like crazy and our top 5 tried and loved recipes we have used them for? Well, add this as #6. It’s not really a “recipe” but a thoughtful hostess gift to bring to your next barbecue.   We’ve had a steady stream of cherry tomatoes but our regular plant has only yielded one or two at a time.  The gorgeous sunshine has been working overtime and yesterday I pulled over {Read More}

Get Outside To Clear Your Head {maxi-cosi kaia review}

Maxi Cosi Kaia Stroller Review

Tuesday night was a very hard night.  I posted this on Instagram and I know many moms have had the same thought at some point or another: It was a really rough night. And a really rough morning. Will Luke ever sleep more than 4 hours at a time? Hope it’s not when pigs fly. So when it came time to pick up Luke, instead of driving there, I decided to walk and get some fresh air.  I was grateful {Read More}

Griffith Park Birthday Party Destination

griffith Park Birthday Party

Before we moved into this current house, Jon and I didn’t have the space to entertain for Aubrey’s parties. Before each birthday, we’d sit and try and come up with ideas for where to have the party.  Since we didn’t know when we’d actually have a house with a big yard, we sometimes talked about future birthdays (when she’s older and they turn into more of a kid’s party than an entertain-the-adults party) and heading to the beach, Chuck E. {Read More}

Happy First Birthday Luke!


I know, he’s already one, been one for 2 weeks. But I just got all the photos back from our photographer (the sweet and uber talented Becca Rillo!)and going through them reminds me of how much fun we had, and how much a blur that day was.  Special thanks to MJ for coming early to help set up, my Mom for coming to help set up and decorate, Becca for taking the photos (and helping get the back yard ready) {Read More}

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party First Birthday – the details


This post contains affiliate links. If you click through to purchase any of the items, a small commission is sent to me. It’s a way to help cover the costs of running my blog. Thank you! I left the theme for Luke’s first birthday up to my husband.  His choice? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  With having two small kids, a full time job, and enough side jobs to create another full time one, I didn’t put as much planning into {Read More}


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