Meal Planning – Thanksgiving Week


When I was coming back from St. Louis, I had a lot of time to sit and be still. I wrote a lot of plans out for 2015 and one of them was outlining my meal planning menu each week.  I have my Meal Planning for Newbies board and my recipes board with dishes I’ve tried and want to try.  I write out my meals and shopping list each Sunday and will record everything here as well. So for this {Read More}

Shop After You Drop – Target Pharmacy


I’d like to share a little story with you.  One time, awhile ago, I had a prescription filled at a pharmacy.  I couldn’t wait around for it because I had a few other errands to run, so I came back after eating dinner with the kids while Jon worked on their bathtime routine.  I figured, since I had it filled already, that I’d be back home within 15 minutes.  When I got to the pharmacy, I found out that it {Read More}

4 Days in St. Louis


Well, an hour outside St. Louis but still. Recently I packed up a bag, boarded a 6am flight with 2 other friends, and ventured out to St. Louis to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my best friend, Lovebug.  (her name is actually Erica but I rarely call her that).  She’s getting married next year and she wanted a weekend full of relaxing, wine drinking, and girlfriends.  I found us a cabin in Marthasville, MO and it was so incredible. Hard {Read More}

Creating Dance Parties Everywhere with the Wireless Charge 2 #giftingaudio

JBL Charge 2 #giftingaudio

I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve always had a more productive time doing anything while listening to music.  I remember in college I would prop myself up on my bed with headphones, my walkman (so retro!) and blast the music while I’d work on some last minute papers.  Almost 15 years later, I still love to have a good playlist on some sort of portable device blasting.  Well, blasting isn’t exactly what I’d call it if you {Read More}

Taking 10 Minutes – #HeartMyHair

Conair Curl Secret #HeartMyHair

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind.  I’m a planner by nature but this move got the best of me.  I had people showing up for appointments when I thought they’d be coming the next day.  And each night I had boxes to confront once the kids were in bed.  But I didn’t want the kids’ lives to be consumed by this move. I tried really hard to keep things normal, despite many of their toys missing and books {Read More}

Showing Thanks by Toddlers – #SimplyHealthy

Healthy Living Made Simple - Teaching Toddlers Thankfullness

  Teaching Toddlers Thankfulness Without a doubt, once November rolls around, you start to see online posts by your friends & family sharing things they’re thankful for.  Even though we should be focusing on this every month of the year, we sometimes need a little push to voice it more and share it with our kids as well.  Sure Aubrey knows to say thank you when she is given something, but what about beyond that? Could I come up with {Read More}


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