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When Jon and I got married, our families already had the traditions for holidays and what we did.  We always talked about hosting one of the days at our place, but our homes never had enough space. Our “small” family get togethers can easily be 30 people.  With moving into our new house, my mom asked if we were up to having everyone over for Easter. SURE!! And you know what that means? We get to throw our first Egg {Read More}

9 Months Going on Two Years


The past few weeks has involved a lot of growing by Luke.  He had 4 teeth come in within 2 days of each other (top front teeth and the ones on each side of those).  He started eating purees on a regular basis.  He’s also apparently decided walking is fun.  Overnight he went from not knowing how to use his push walker to handling it like a pro (except when he gets an obstacle in his way.)  This kid is {Read More}

Mus-chetta Appetizer featuring Muscat Grapes from Whole Foods Market

Mus-chetta appetizer featuring Muscat grapes from Whole Foods

Every year, Whole Foods has a very special type of grape that is only available for short amount of time – Muscat Grapes.  As they ripen, the colors change from green to a blush pink and they become sweeter with each color change.  Since this isn’t the average table grape, I set out to try something different than just plopping a bowl in front of Aubrey to enjoy for her afternoon snack.  One of my favorite appetizers I’ve ever made {Read More}

The Best Sunday Funday


Some days are best spent outside, with friends, food, and mimosas.  This Sunday we had 6 kids aged three and under hanging out outdoors all day. When it got too sunny in the backyard, we packed up and headed to the front yard.  I’ve never seen Aubrey so dirty between the remnants of chalk from the artwork she created all over the concrete, to the mud because we forgot to turn off the sprinklers last night.  Jon did all the {Read More}

Keep Them Cool With Hasbro Water Toys


While we’re currently experiencing our “spring” here in SoCal with moderate temps, I know we’ll be back up in the 90s by the middle of the month.  I want to spend as much time outside as humanly possible but that means coming up with some ways to keep Aubrey cool because, hello, we reach 95* by 9am during the summer. Hasbro sent a box of goodies to Aubrey this past week, and while most will be great summer toys, I {Read More}

Sprinkle Blue Pixie Dust on Family Movie Night


  Movies have always been a big deal in the Dell house.  Not just this house, but Jon’s parents’ house.  When we started dating, Sundays were reserved for a good dinner together and a movie afterwards.  Back then, instant video downloads were not a “thing” and we relied on DVD movies from the local video store.  Jon would reminisce how Friday nights used to be the  family movie night and when we had kids, he wanted to start that tradition {Read More}

Conference Brain Overload


I have this awful track record when it comes to conferences.  I go with great ambition, I take a ton of notes, I come home, I never write about it.  It’s not that I didn’t have a great time, or didn’t learn a lot.  That’s pretty much the exact opposite.  But my brain was on such overload that I just can’t even digest it all immediately.  And then when I’m finally ready to write about it – I feel it’s {Read More}

The Farmer Dells


When we had our condo – we had two tiny plots of dirt. Literally 15″ deep. But we planted some tomato plants and some different peppers. They grew each year and we loved having such delicious tomatoes with our salads. We learned you didn’t need huge tomatoes to get bold flavors. A little went a long way. So when we found this little house – we were pleased with the planter boxes and couldn’t wait to plant some items. There {Read More}

When You Give an Anne a Blog Post…

EVERYONE!! I’m happy to introduce a fun hilarious blogger-  Anne – who is awesome for her humor and love of cat pants.  Follow her blog and you’ll see more.  She’s taking over my site today so enjoy!  And yes I know that title is completely random. But hopefully it intrigued you enough to click on through….Plus did you know MY middle name is Anne???? oh here, a picture of the pants. aren’t they awesome!!!   I was excited to participate {Read More}

Adding Handmade Touches – Boho Upcycle { Atwater Village, CA }


SoCal Lady Bloggers was invited by Boho Upcycle for an in-shop craft workshop and I’d like to share my experience! Growing up my house was filled with handmade items.  My mom was a crafter and created themed wreaths for our friends & family and eventually ventured to craft shows to sell to strangers.  My dad even created a workbench that would “hide” in the rafters of the garage when not in use.  Crafting is in my blood – which helped {Read More}


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