The Ollie Swaddle – Parent Review

The Ollie Swaddle Review

I have a very special feature for you today! One of my friends – Nina – had been posting on Instagram raving about a new swaddle she purchased for her son, Jackson.  We spoke, in the first few weeks of Jackson’s life, about the struggle with his sleep.  I know it’s VERY difficult and stressful, and emotional and – and – and. If you’ve BEEN in that position, or are IN that position, read on!  Thank you Nina, and of course {Read More}

Back to School – Treat Your Hair with Nexxus #ColorAssure


We celebrated back to preschool for Aubrey last week.  Do you remember the excitement of returning back to school? Growing up that meant new supplies, a new uniform (yup, attended Catholic School from Kindergarten to 8th grade!), new backpack and sometimes a new hair cut.  I always had long hair, except for a brief tragic chop that I immediately regretted in 7th grade.  Long hair is fantastic, but it can also be a pain to make it look beautiful & {Read More}

Mommy Stop Taking So Many Pictures


Aubrey said this to me over the weekend.  We were playing outside and I decided to grab my big camera to grab some shots of them.  I hadn’t done it in awhile, mainly because it’s just too hot to be outside.  But, in honor of the long holiday weekend, we inflated our pool and kept it filled all weekend. Which, with 2 kids, meant the second day of use was really muddy and gross. But hey, we’re experiencing a drought. {Read More}

Tips for Kids in Hotels?

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.24.16 PM

Jon and I have been on a booking frenzy.  We have a couple upcoming stay-cations and he said I am majorly over-stressing about the hotel & the kids’ sleep.  We are going on a camping trip in October with a bunch of friends and opted to a motorhome rental.  Last time we camped, Aubrey was about 6 months old and not really mobile. We had a tent and she was a rockstar sleeper.  When we booked this camping trip, Luke was waking {Read More}

Enjoying Our Summer Vacation

Aubrey’s preschool runs year round.  There’s a few times a year that there is an extended break – end of the year for Christmas/New Year’s, Spring Break, End of Year/Pre-Summer Break, and then End of Summer break.  We’re in the midst of that last one right now – the break between the summer camp style before back to school hits.  Every day this week we have something planned for her – a fun day with each grandma alone, some fun {Read More}

When to Move to a Big Girl Room


Right before Luke was born, we made the decision to move Aubrey from her crib to a toddler bed.  We couldn’t justify buying a second crib and she was way too little for a twin. So we bought this  Dream on Me toddler bed to match the crib since they were sharing a room. And we figured down the road, it would be a great style for Luke too. We had a guard rail up on the open side (the {Read More}


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